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The Black Belt Dance Apprenticeship Program is a One Year Commitment to learning to teach / assist in the lead and follow of the Core BBD™ Syllabus moves and organizational structure / system / and practices from your BBS™ School’s Sensei (Director / Leader).


Your level will SOAR as a social dancer, 
once you understand EXACTLY how 
the Black Belt System™ of Dance Training works. 

The Apprenticeship program will show you how. 

You will assist or teach various classes based upon the basic core needs of your school Sensei.

◦ You may be requested to teach as “the Follower”
◦ You may be requested to teach as “the Lead”
◦ You need to prepare and be trained for both, whether you are a man or a woman.
◦ Once you reach a level of competence (determined by your Sensei), you are allowed to teach private lessons to BBS™ students. Depending on the school, a percentage of your private lesson income will be paid to the BBS™ school.

You may also be requested to assist your Sensei in administrative and Leadership roles for various classes, workshops, events, and administrative duties. 
You may also be given discounted entrance to your BBS™ school’s events and parties (if offered). 
This is an “Apprenticeship” program with a detailed contract that will commit you to one full year of apprenticeship instructor training service to your school. You may join the BBS™ Instructor Training program starting with Purple Belt any time before, during, or after your committed year as an Apprentice. Should you decide to move on to the Upper Belt Instructor levels, you may forfeit your Apprenticeship training commitment once you complete the DBM and pass your Blue Belt Certification exam, reviewed by a BBS™ Master Black Belt Professional.

The yearly fee amount varies per school.  Your fee will be divided into twelve monthly payments.  Whether part time, or full time, you must pay the full year fee.  Depending on the school, there will be a financial penalty for not fulfilling your year commitment.  As with any apprenticeship program, you will not be paid.  At a minimum, you will be given between 2 to six hours per week of instructor training classes in a semi-private lesson format (dates / times determined by individual schools), and then on an “as-needed” basis where you are given the responsibility to request that time with your school Master Sensei.  Your responsibilities will increase over time, which will include helping newbie Apprentice team members move up quickly, and your school Sensei with other training obligations.  You are allowed to 100% of the income you charge for private lessons to both group class students and fellow newbie Apprentices (at a discount).  Private lesson fees with your Sensei vary per school.  Some schools may grant certain “freebies” for you, but these add-ons are determined on a school-by-school basis.

Apprentice Belt Q&A and FAQ’s
◦ Accountability Partner Assignments
◦ Certification Exam – with Sensei (after completion of 1st year)
◦ Course Evaluation – with Sensei (after completion of 1st year)
◦ Assistance with starting a new BBS
school (after completion of 3rd year)
◦ Monthly Follow-Up “Stay Sharp” private Facebook Group
◦ Accountability Partner Follow-Up and Follow-Throughs